Highlight of a Cat Sit

Joan’s Ark Pet Sitting & Services hears “you probably won’t see XXX much because he/she is shy” quite often.  When I hear this from a cat sitting client, it’s always a great feeling to be able to show them that XXX not only came out but joined in the fun with the others.

Two of these kitties were supposed to be shy and, I was told, one wouldn’t be seen at all.  Can you tell which two they are?  I didn’t think so.  The one in the far distance is the original kitty and she is the most outgoing.



Hard to Believe

It’s hard to believe Joan’s Ark Pet Sitting & Services is over 10 years young.  Actually, we will be hitting our 14th year servicing clients throughout the Western Queens community doing dog walking and pet sitting cats, birds, fish and more.

We have helped healthy pets as well as ones with health issues such as diabetes, giving insulin and other kitties administering oral meds and sub-q fluids.

Special needs and senior pets hold a special place close to my heart.

It’s really exciting to be in business this long and will be announcing some exciting news shortly.

Pet Sitting… Has it Been This Long…

I can’t believe I haven’t checked in for so long.

Joan’s Ark Pet Sitting & Services has been busy, busy, busy.  Going seven days a week doesn’t leave a lot of time to sit and write but, I have so many new clients who have become family that I just wanted to give a shout out to them.

I love you all and miss all who have moved to other areas.  Your pets will always be in my heart.

Pictures to come soon.

Overweight Pets

Overweight Pets – Dogs, Cats and Every Other Animal is at Risk of Early Death and Disease! – Avery Berman
It can be said that a pet’s health is directly related to the pet’s weight. Every animal, from dogs, cats, rabbits or even your hamster should have their weight checked. Just like humans, when an animal is overweight, the chance of disease and illness striking is highly increased. Overweight pets are much more likely to contract diseases and illnesses and remain sick longer. They are more likely to have the symptoms of old age in their youth. Worst of all, they are much more likely to have a shorter life span. We don’t want your pet to die when he could’ve served as your trusty companion years longer!

Step One:

One of the first things that you should do for your pet is to actually have them examined for their physical fitness. Now, I know this sounds pretty obvious, but when was the last time you actually did it…

Even if you know that your pet is overweight and needs to lose the weight, an exam should be one of the first things that you do for them. Meet with a veterinarian that you trust and know is committed to helping your pet. It may sound a little strange, but interview them! Get to know them so that you can trust them with your pet’s care.

Although this is not a specific tool to help your pet to lose weight, it is a crucial first step. Most people do not realize that a just few pounds overweight can be detrimental to a pet’s health. A doctor can help to point out specifically what needs to be done for your pet. Your doctor should also be able to monitor your pet’s progression from their current level, to a healthier stage. They should be your ally in fighting your pet’s overweight problem!

The good news is that pets are going to be healthy if you help them to be! It all comes down to you! A pet cannot feed himself while in captivity. While many pets do not need to have constant attention, they do need you to monitor their health and what they eat and how they exercise. Easy!

Pet Sitting Birds

Birds are such happy creatures and they always bring a smile to my face.  Here are a couple I just cared for.  Sweet, sweet birds.  Of all the birds I do care for, there is only one that would love to peck my eyes out, rip off my fingernails and cause me much pain if he could.  Thank goodness the rest don’t feel the same about me.


Pet Sitting & Dog Walking in the Summer

I am, by no means, a summer person.  You can keep it.  Unless there is a pool, lake or an ocean to jump in to cool off, summer is not for me.  Give me the cold weather any day.  Walking dogs is all you need to warm up in the winter and when pet sitting, you are in a warm apartment or house.

Most dogs I know like the cooler weather better also.  Cats could care less and will take any temperature the apartment is which is usually around 75 year round.

I could take or leave the snow.  I would love the snow more if I weren’t in the city where driving and, especially, parking is a constant issue even on summer days.

If anyone knows of a place where it’s about 70 year round, please let me know.  I prefer the USA or some place where English is spoken.Image